Buying a solitaire happens once in a lifetime, a priori. Therefore, it should be a clear, smooth, pleasurable, and well thought of act:
1. Start by knowing how to pick a stone: Link to
2. Our stones are certified by GIA or HRD, two main international labs, in USA and Belgium.
3. At that stage, you should have in mind the allocated budget to choose the optimal Diamond. The 4Cs attributed by the certificates (Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight) determine the price of the stone, internationally recognized under the Rapaport chart.
4. Once the center stone, which constitutes the main investment of the buyer, is preselected, we can move on to choosing the ring.
5. The ring is the gold artwork that will showcase the selected Diamond, varies from a sleek simple solitaire ring holding the center gem, to a fully diamond set one. You will have the choice to try both styles or anything in between, and decide on whatever suits her most.
Following is a selection of solitaires, you may mix and match according to your taste and budget. An actual visit is a must to get the feel on the fingers.


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