Three Generations, One Passion.

In the very heart of the Old Beirut, Accaoui Jewelry saw light in the early 1900’s. Driven by a shared passion for fine jewelry, the family enterprise flourished throughout a century, with the torch passing from generation to generation.

The passion for jewelry first grew in the heart of Halim Accaoui, the grandfather, whose reputation soon turned international, with exquisite pieces being created for prominent figures like US President Franklin Roosevelt and King Farouk of Egypt.

In the 1950’s, his son Abdallah took up the flame, carving a name of renown in the world of jewelry. Established in the famous Beirut Gold Souk, he moved  into his Achrafieh branch in 1978, to perpetuate a heritage of excellence. Abdallah, a Man who loved Art and Life, worked his way up to reach Beirut’s elite, executing pieces for the Tuenis, Abillamah, Pharaon, Debbas, Edde and the presidential families Gemayel, Frangieh, and Harriri.

The third generation backed the family know how with an academic formation in the french Ecole Boulle and the US GIA. In 1994, Bijoux Accaoui opened its doors in Jal el Dib, offering designs that enchantingly combine tradition with European finesse and international glamour.

Holding the signature of Antoine Accaoui, bespoke designs are created for seekers of unique and personalized pieces, and for international celebrities including US Secretary of State Ms Madeline Albright, Prince Garimaldi of Monaco and the glamorous Elie Saab.


PS: the above mentioned pieces of Jewelry are documented and replicas are  proudly shown upon request.

Marking 100 years of passion for jewelry

Bijoux Accaoui’s mission remains one:

To combine arabesque legacy, modern design and splendid gems, with authentic craftsmanship, to create unique & personalized jewels, that remain within the families of our clientele.