Certified 0.49carats enhanced Blue Diamond Solitaire


here is an out of the box proposal ring; the center stone is a 0.49ct blue Diamond, a very unique and particular color amongst gemstones. The mounting is set with small VS quality Diamonds.

Buying a solitaire is a one in a lifetime act. Therefore it should be clear, smooth, pleasurable, and well thought of.
1. Start by knowing how to pick a stone: Link to https://4cs.gia.edu/en-us/4cs-diamond-quality/
2. Our stones are certified by GIA or HRD, two main international labs, in USA and Belgium.
3. The 4Cs attributed by the certificates (Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight) determine the price of the stone, internationally recognized under the Rapaport chart.
4. The center stone, which constitutes the main investment of the buyer, needs to be carefully selected according to the abovementioned criteria.
5. The mounting or the gold part, varies from a sleek simple one holding the center Diamond, to a fully loaded one. To be decided by the bride or the buyer.
Following is a selection of solitaires, you may mix and match according to your taste and budget.